The Strange Familiar

the strange familiar
Akron, OH
Krian Music Group
Kira Leyden, Jeff Andrea, Frank Freeman, Nicholas Sainato

The Strange Familiar

The Strange Familiar, lead by Kira Leyden (vocalist, keyboard) and Jeff Andrea (lead guitarist) garnered early critical success with their Top 10 iTunes hit “Courage Is” (featured as the promo theme on ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager) and Ashlee Simpson’s hit song Invisible. The duo, having met in grade school in Akron, OH, started writing together when they were both 14 years old and have been collaborating ever since, crafting The Strange Familiar’s captivating sound.

The band’s new single shows off their affinity for penning poptastic tunes, but also has a more serious message about being true to oneself. “Being Me” was written to lyrically interpret the idea of peeling away the layers of who you are not. “I was inspired to write the song after I watched the movie, The Runaways.” Leyden explains, “I wanted to express the fact that I cannot be Joan Jett, Janis Joplin or anyone else. That had already been done. The only way to be truly unique is to be who I really am.”

“Being Me” is a declaration of independence, more confident than self-effacing, with a smoky acoustic groove leading up to a jubilant chorus that shows off Leyden’s soulful upper register.

The accompanying video follows Leyden as she saunters down Hollywood Boulevard and physically peels away layers of jackets, dresses, wigs, ties and make-up to reveal the low-key, Midwest persona she truly embodies.

The wardrobe used in the single’s music video was collected from Leyden’s old stage costumes that her mom kept over the years.

“The song evolved and became a double meaning for us,” Leyden says, “After years of trying to get a reaction out of the audience with outrageous clothes, I finally realized I’m much more interesting just being myself.”