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Frank Liwall


Frank oversees all operations within the organization, such as handling catalog valuations, reviewing submitted material from clients, and corresponding directly with writers, publishers, and subpublishers. He is an industry expert who has consulted on numerous articles, and often serves as a panelist and moderator at industry conferences. Despite being addicted to working out, he’s also a foodie and wine connoisseur.

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Renato Olivari

Senior Vice President

Renato oversees the entire administration team. He’s responsible to make certain the company and staff are fulfilling all requirements. He leads, guides, directs, and evaluates the work of other executive leaders. As our resident troubleshooter with over 20 years of experience in the music industry, he has only been able to learn how to play the kazoo.

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Kathy Alwill

Royalty Coordinator

Kathy processes all incoming royalty data and handles all Counterpoint royalty functions and inquiries regarding licenses and payments. She has a great sense of humor and a love for cocktails (that’s why she’s our official after-work activities coordinator).

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Lawson Higgins

Vice President - Creative

Lawson seeks to generate maximum revenue and opportunities for existing and new catalogs. He heads the creative team and is responsible for synchronization pitching, song pitching, arranging for collaborations, and signing new artists. He hails from the UK and loves his family, good music, and Chelsea FC.

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Maya Murcia

Director of Copyright & New Media

Maya oversees daily business activities and works to improve overall business functions. Maya handles detailed breakdown analysis of all new media income. She’s a spreadsheet-hound who makes certain the company has important analytics available to uncover deficiencies and discover emerging trends. She loves yoga, reading lit, and going to punk shows.

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Monil Shah

Programmer & Data Coordinator

Monil works closely with the Director of Copyright & New Media, the data team, and the administration team to effectively monetize, enforce, license, track, and analyze the performance of our catalog of 600,000+ individual copyrights at digital service providers such as YouTube, Spotify, the newly operational Mechanical Licensing Collective formed via the Music Modernization Act, performing rights organizations such as ASCAP and BMI, and within our own internal databases and systems. When not writing new programs or code, he’s preparing himself for CrossFit Games 2022 and targeting to be within top 50 Fittest Man in India.

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Ian Fletcher


Ian works out of our LA office setting up sessions and co-writing opportunities for our catalog of songwriters. Coming from a background in marketing and promotion, Ian constantly has his ear out searching for up-and-coming artists. As a seasoned manager, he always ponders the effects artists could potentially have globally. Ian loves to cook and is a huge fan of baseball.

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Zanida Banks


Zanida handles updating all of our client accounts, catalog maintenance, and review and tracking of issued licenses. Outside of RoyNet, you can find her constantly writing raps, drinking hot tea and watching cartoons.


Melissa Krohnengold

Jr. Creative

Melissa supports the creative team by assisting with all synch licensing needs, addressing new music intake, sharing exciting Roynet news on our website, and more! Melissa loves cooking, traveling, and doing anything artsy and you’ll usually find her doing these things with her trusty rescue dog, Zeke, by her side.


Andrew Grau

Administration Specialist

Andrew Grau originally hails from the Finger Lakes region of New York. He has a Bachelor of the Arts from SUNY Oneota in Music and a Master of the Arts from CUNY Queens College in Upright Bass Jazz Performance. Prior to his time at The Royalty Network, Andrew was a contractor in metadata and copyright on behalf of YouTube and its parent company, was an outbound sales rep at Box and an account executive at Yelp. While he prefers his comfortable life in Brooklyn for him and his cat Panda, Andrew, stage name Grau, still maintains a rigorous gigging and touring schedule on bass both in the city, country, and all over the world. When not heeding the call of the stage, Andrew loves to cook, bake, play video games, board games as well as Dungeons & Dragons, and will talk to anyone that listens about Star Wars or DUNE

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Priscilla Opoku


Priscilla handles updating all of our client accounts, catalog maintenance, and review and tracking of issued licenses. Outside of RoyNet, she has a knack for Fashion and styling local Soca artist and personalities! She also does artist interviews and has a show of her own.

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Ross Robey

Label Manager

Ross oversees RoyNet’s distribution company, KMG Distribution. In addition to ensuring releases run smoothly, he also is responsible for discovering and onboarding labels and artists for distribution. Ross also has some background speaking the creative language with 20 years of drumming under his belt.

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Steven Weber

West Coast Director

Steve corresponds with writers and publishers, and handles meetings with current and potential clients on the West Coast. If you have any psychoanalysis needs, ask him: he has a degree and years of experience.

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Karina Barroso

Social Media Director

Karina oversees and manages all social media accounts and content, and is responsible for maintaining client and partner relationships, and staying fully up to date on new material. You’ll usually find her singing and songwriting, saving for her next travel abroad, and watching interviews on YouTube of upcoming artists.

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Drew Witte


Drew works with our extensive writer roster and reviews their material to discover the best pitch opportunities and creative collaboration possibilities. He also scours the country to discover the best new talent the company can sign. His secret weapon in karaoke is a rendition of “It’s Not Easy Being Green” that features a pitch-perfect Kermit impression.

Whitney J

Whitney Jefferson

Copyright & New Media Coordinator

Whitney handles all matters YouTube oriented, as well as assists with the detailed breakdown analysis of all new media income. She loves all forms of entertainment and if not doing something music related, she can be found watching fan theories about her favorite IPs (Marvel, Pixar, Harry Potter, etc.).

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Elinor Machado Wilcox

Manager of Administration

Elinor manages the administration team and guides them through the principals and protocols to follow in effective administration. Elinor handles updating of all client accounts, catalog maintenance, and review of issued licenses. She also corresponds with clients and labels regarding licensing and royalty matters. Her hobbies include teaching clarinet lessons to children and knitting. When it’s not too hot outside, she can often be seen wearing some of her own creations.

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Whitney Gardner


Whitney handles updating all our client accounts, catalog maintenance, and review and tracking of issued licenses. Outside of RoyNet, she enjoys adding to her modest vinyl collection, thrifting, being creative a la DIY projects, learning, and coming across a good meme/gif.


East Coast Office

224 W 30th St, #1007
New York, NY 10001-1077
TEL: (212) 967–4300
FAX: (212) 967–3477

West Coast Office

12711 Ventura Bl., #217
Studio City, CA 91604
TEL: (818) 762-0775

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