i octane
Clarendon, Jamaica


Growing up in Clarendon, Jamaica, Byiome Muir knew
from a young age that he was destined for greater
things. As a true artist, he was born with music in his
veins and a song on his lips.

Known to the music world as I-Octane, he adopted
the moniker as a play on words from high octane gas,
high energy and performance, the exact combination
he aspired to become. Spending time at renowned
Penthouse studio and rubbing shoulders with
established artistes, I-Octane took the opportunity to
hone his talent and focus on his musical path.

An unmatched combination of innate talent, lyrical
prowess and versatility, I-Octane resonates with
conscious lyrics, sentiments of faith, romance, social
justice and compassion for the ghetto youth. The
smooth Rastafarian singer who has amassed an
impressive slew of hits songs in a few short years, has
skillfully positioned himself as an ambassador of
reggae music, while maintaining a strong appeal in
the dancehall, where many of his songs have become

Even with his incredible success to date, I-Octane has
just scratched the surface of all he is meant to
achieve, however his name is securely cemented a
musical legacy comparable to many icons.