Songwriters & Producers

Frederick “Toxic” Taylor

frederick toxic taylor
Chicago, IL
Songwriters & Producers

Frederick “Toxic” Taylor

Chicago is home for some of the most influential music makers of our time and adding to this legacy is producer/rapper Toxic. Toxic has an impressive resume, crafting hits for Keyshia Cole, Monica, Twista, Charlie Wilson, Jamie Fox, Do or Die, Lil’ Kim, Faith Evans,T-Pain, and Too Short
just to name a few.

Toxic embraced hip-hop while listening to artists like LL Cool J, Rakim, and N.W.A. Battle rapping became his creative outlet at the age of 14 and during that time he met his friend and long time collaborator Twista. In 1994, he joined up with the group Ill-State Assassins, and from that experience his group 3 in the Chamba, was established. It was then he made the transition from rapper to producer having cut his first tracks with 3 in the Chamba under the guidance of DJ Riot One & Chain Saw. From that
moment on he became addicted to the rush of having artists perform on his tracks.

Toxic stared engineering and working with Chicago break out rapper Twista on his albums. These collaborations would be instrumental in the development of Toxic’s sound.

Toxic, is now a multi-platinum, Grammy nominated music producer. Toxic, along with Twista, started
an independent company in 1998 entitled Legit Ballin Records, which collectively sold over 500,000
records. Toxic played the roll as CEO and Head of Administration. Legit Ballin Records was proclaimed one of the top 5 companies from 1999 – 2002.
In 2004, Toxic produced Twista’s Kamikaze record which sold 2 million records worldwide and went
platinum in just 4 weeks. The record reached #1 on Billboard for 3 consecutive weeks. Shortly after in
2005, Toxic produced the hit single Hope featuring Twista and Faith Evans which landed on the Coach Carter film soundtrack starring Samuel L. Jackson. The single reached top 10 on Billboard charts.

Just when things we’re heating up, Toxic was nominated for a Grammy in 2007 for producing Charlie Wilson’s Supa Sexxy record featuring T – Pain & Jamie Foxx. Toxic went on to produce hits on all 5 records for Keyshia Cole. ‘Trust’, a record he produced with Keyshia Cole featuring Monica, was the #1 most added song on the radio in it’s first 2 weeks. The smash hit went on to reach #5 on Billboard’s
R&B/Urban charts top 100, and Toxic won an ASCAP Award in 2010 for his production on the song.

Toxic has taken his professional music production to television and film which led him to join forces with JMT Production Group as Partner/Producer and Creative Administrator.

Classic R&B songs and hiphop
artist such as Ice Cube, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne, continue to inspire him and his
productions. Toxic is the founder and driving force behind TOXIC PRODUCTIONS, and has a team of likeminded producers and artists.