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Alessi Brothers

alessi brothers
Los Angeles, CA
Bill Alessi, Bob Alessi
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Alessi Brothers

The Alessi Brothers are an American pop singer-songwriter duo, best known for their 1984 hit “Savin’ the Day” and their 1977 hit “Oh Lori”. The duo are identical twin brothers, Bill (Billy) Alessi and Bob (Bobby) Alessi (born 12 July 1953, Long Island, New York).

In 1977, they climbed to number seven in the UK Singles Chart with “Oh Lori”, and in 1982 they reached number 71 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 with “Put Away Your Love”. This made them one-hit wonders on both sides of the Atlantic, albeit with different hits.

“Oh Lori” became a Top Ten hit in seventeen more countries]. The Alessi Brothers recorded five albums on major record labels. They sold over eight million records worldwide, and toured with Andy Gibb on his Shadow Dancing tour.

Billy and Bobby Alessi co-operated with Art Garfunkel on his 1979 album Fate for Breakfast, mainly providing the background vocals. As vocal arrangers the twins helped Deborah Gibson on her 2001 album M.Y.O.B., including production work and writing the title track.

In 1984, the brothers released a song, “Savin’ the Day”, for the soundtrack to the film, Ghostbusters. The song was used in the 1986 cartoon based on the movie.

The Brothers have enjoyed success working on jingles and advertisements for many mainstream consumer products in the U.S. In the 2000s they resumed their touring and album recording career as a duo, with the release of two new albums as Alessi, and also as part of group Barnaby Bye.