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Run The Jewels featured in 'The Fate of the Furious' trailerWe're excited to announce Run the Jewels' song "Panther Like A Panther" was in a new trailer for the upcoming film The Fate of the Furious, the eighth installment of the Fast and Furious series. It's currently a featured placement on our website. Run The Jewels' new album RTJ3 came out earlier ... [ more ]

Dayme Arocena's new album 'Cubafonia'Dayme Arocena is a force to be reckoned with. A musical prodigy who has garnered international acclaim, her latest album Cubafonia is a fascinating display of modern Afro-Cuban music that blends jazz, funk, and soul with pop melodies. Even though she's only 24, Dayme draws from traditional Cuban ... [ more ]

The Jacques release new single 'No Kamikaze'"The Jacques are perhaps one of the most promising bands existing within the UK’s burgeoning music scene. Following a year of strategic rebuilding through a new look line up and extensive touring, their latest single “No Kamikaze” is firm evidence of their impressive second coming. The new ... [ more ]

Publishing Shares on Ed Sheeran's album "Divide"On March 3rd Ed Sheeran released his third studio album: "Divide". Many believe this is Sheeran's strongest record to date as it's jam packed with pop gems that strike a universal chord among listeners. He seamlessly switches between mellow piano ballads and half-rapping on dancey acoustic tunes. ... [ more ]

The Districts release new single 'Ordinary Day'A week ago The Districts released "Ordinary Day", the first single from their new highly anticipated album. They've been fairly quiet since the release of 2015's A Flourish and A Spoil and "Ordinary Day" is our first glimpse into the new Districts. Fans of The Districts might do a double take ... [ more ]

Melvv releases 'Lifeline feat. Dana Williams'Melvv is something of a wunderkind in the world of electronic music. Nineteen years old and hailing from Milwaukee, Melvv has been churning out catchy electro-pop hits for a few years now. His most recent jam 'Lifeline' features vocals from singer/songwriter and Roynet artist Dana Williams, who ... [ more ]

Findlay's 'Monomania' on CatfishLast night the season premiere of Catfish aired on MTV and featured Findlay's song 'Monomania'! Monomania is a new track off Findlay's debut album Forgotten Pleasures which comes out tomorrow through our sub-publisher in the UK: Bucks Music Group. Forgotten Pleasures is jam-packed with driving ... [ more ]

Run The Jewels release "RTJ3"We are thrilled to announce that Run The Jewels have just released their highly anticipated third album “RTJ3” three weeks ahead of schedule! With features from Danny Brown, Kamasi Washington, BOOTS, Trina, and more; this is Run The Jewels at their finest. It’s a great holiday surprise and ... [ more ]

Publishing Shares On A Tribe Called Quest's New AlbumA Tribe Called Quest recently put out their first album in eighteen years: "We Got It From Here...Thank You 4 Your service". The record was met with widespread acclaim from critics who hailed it's classic, iconic sound and flawless blend of East Coast hip-hop and jazz. We are excited to announce ... [ more ]

Run The Jewels release new single 'Talk To Me'Run The Jewels just dropped a new single “Talk To Me”. This banger comes ahead of their highly anticipated upcoming album “Run The Jewels 3”. The gritty production and spitfire lyrics make it an instant classic and demonstrates how flawlessly Killer Mike and EL-P deliver their unique ... [ more ]

Mitski releases "Puberty 2"On Puberty 2, singer-songwriter Mitski has made a striking transition from exciting new talent to one of indie rock’s most powerful and defined voices. Doubling down on a refined mold of gritty instrumentals, evocative lyrics, and vulnerable vocals that she first hatched in her acclaimed debut, ... [ more ]

In celebration of our 20th anniversary, we would like to share with you 20 tips from our most successful clients.   1. Sign with a reputable publisher that can properly exploit, collect, and protect your works.   2. Carefully review your contracts.   3. Don't sign away your rights.   4. ... [ more ]

Here's a great quick snapshot of the types of income we track and collect on your behalf (not all will apply for each and every song, but this is a good reference for you to keep).     Mechanical Royalties - Paid by record companies based on units sold or manufactured.   Analog 'Public ... [ more ]

Placing songs in film and television has for years been lucrative for major labels, independent companies and even some DIY artists. But too often a great song’s chances are torpedoed by complex rights hassles or poor preparation. Indeed, when a music supervisor discovers that you don’t control ... [ more ]

Communicating, often and consistently, with your publisher will mean money in your pocket, well beyond the initial advance check. How? By following these few steps, you will find that your revenue stream will most likely increase.   1. Keep us informed of your current needs & ... [ more ]

I don't believe in devaluing music further.  I do know that when an industry is thriving, there's opportunity to invest in and cultivate talent.  So the question becomes, can we continue to invest in talent, when challenges like the Internet Radio Fairness Act are thrown in our faces?  Will ... [ more ]

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