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Our Team 


Frank Liwall

Frank oversees all operations within the organization, such as handling catalog valuations, reviewing submitted material from clients, and corresponding directly with writers, publishers, and subpublishers. He is an industry expert who has consulted on numerous articles, and often serves as a panelist and moderator at industry conferences. Despite being addicted to working out,  he's also a foodie and wine connoisseur.
(contact: frank@roynet.com)

Renato Olivari
Vice President

Renato oversees all adminstration of catalogs, copyright registration, and licensing. He interacts with clients and subpublishers, handling all types of inquiries from claim disputes to royalty distribution. Our resident troubleshooter with over 20 years of experience in the music industry, he has only been able to learn how to play the kazoo. 
(contact: renato@roynet.com)

Kathy Alwill
Royalty Coordinator

Kathy processes all incoming royalty data and handles all counterpoint royalty functions and inquiries regarding licenses and payments. She has a great sense of humor and a love for cocktails (that's why she's our official after work activities coordinator). (contact: kathya@roynet.com)

Danny Abowd 
Director of Copyright and New Media 

Danny handles updating of all client accounts, catalog maintenance, and review of issued licenses. He also handles counterpoint song data and CWR, in addition to corresponding with clients and labels regarding licensing and royalty matters. In his spare time he is a devoted sports elitist, and is a part of that burgeoning army of singer/trombonist/songwriters everyone has been hearing so much about. 
(contact: danny@roynet.com)

Michael Kealey

Michael handles day to day administration of the highest volume accounts and is a key contributor to our team. He is responsible for catalog maintenance and tracking catalog activity, including correspondence, royalty tracking, and licensing issues. In addition to being an expert in Guitar Hero, he can also play guitars without buttons, and has had a long-standing love affair with his American Brown Sunburst Fender Stratocaster. 
(contact: michael@roynet.com)

Elinor Machado Wilcox

Elinor handles updating of all client accounts, catalog maintenance, and review of issued licenses. She also corresponds with clients and labels regarding licensing and royalty matters. Her hobbies include teaching clarinet lessons to children and knitting. When it's not too hot outside, she can often be seen wearing some of her own creations. 
(contact: elinor@roynet.com)

Ben Gray 

Ben handles updating of all client accounts, catalog maintenance, and review of issued licenses. He also corresponds with clients and labels regarding licensing and royalty matters. His custom guitar (an all white American standard Stratocaster) is called “Ninja Explosion” and depicts a glorious ninja battle. He has a degree in jazz guitar performance and has seen almost every Star Trek episode ever made.
(contact: ben@roynet.com)

Jarel Stewart
Administrative Assistant
Jarel performs administrative support for multiple employees, which includes fielding telephone calls, receiving and directing visitors, and word processing, filing, faxing, special projects, and research. He keeps the place from collapsing, while always managing to be a style warrior. 
(contact: jarel@roynet.com)

Lawson Higgins
Head of Creative

Lawson heads up the creative team and is responsible for synchronization pitching, song pitching, arranging for collaborations, and signing new artists. He hails from the UK and loves his family, good music, and Chelsea FC.
(contact:  lawson@roynet.com)

Omnia Hegazy
Omnia is responsible for sync licensing and song pitching. A musician herself, she has an accute ability to find the right sound, as well as killer guitar chops. When's she's not at the office she's gigging in NYC, rambling about politics on her blog, or doing yoga.
(contact: omnia@roynet.com)

Adam Ouriel 
Adam scouts new talent, pairs songwriters with artists, and consults with our artists throughout their creative and production processes. He is also a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and musical artist. He once plunged himself into debt to travel across the country and catch a rare, 45-minute live acoustic set from his musical idol Tom Waits.
(contact: adam@roynet.com)

Maani Edwards
Urban A&R

Maani acts as a liaison between songwriters, managers, publishers, and record labels, and is responsible for song pitching, signing new songwriters, artists, and producers, and arranging for collaborations. He reviews all submissions of current and potential urban clients. A self-styled Hip-Hop entrepreneur whose creative passions led him from DJ to performing artist prior to becoming a mover and shaker in music publishing, Maani is our eyes and ears on the streets and in the studios. He’s rarely without his beloved Beats by Dre headphones, and you can probably catch a glimpse of him onstage at any of L.A's hottest Hip Hop concerts.
(contact: maani@roynet.com)

Steven Weber
West Coast Director

Steve corresponds with writers and publishers, and handles meetings with current and potential clients on the West Coast. If you have any psyco-analysis needs, ask him:  he has a degree and years of experience.
(contact: steven@roynet.com)


East Coast Office
224 W 30th St # 1007
New York, NY 10001-1077 
(212) 967–4300 TEL
(212) 967–3477 FAX

West Coast Office
12711 Ventura Bl., #170
Studio City, CA 91604  
(818)-508-3303 TEL


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