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Carl Douglas "Kung Fu Fighting"
Carl Douglas
Album: KFF Master
Genre: Disco
Moods: Funky, Sparkling, Happy, Party

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Welcome To The Royalty Network

New Signing: Mr Twin SisterWe have a new administration client: Mr. Twin Sister (Eric Cardona, Gabel D'Amico, Udbhav Gupta, Andrea Hernandez (aka Andrea Estella), and Bryan Ujueta).  Formerly known as Twin Sister, Mr Twin Sister make music that is dreamy, yet danceable. The five members of the group crossed paths while ... [ more ]

New Signing: PM DawnThe Royalty Network has a new administration client, Attrell Cordes p/k/a Prince Be of 'PM Dawn'. P.M. Dawn formed in 1988 by brothers Attrell Cordes (known by his stage name Prince Be) and Jarrett Cordes (known as DJ Minutemix).  The received significant crossover success in the early ... [ more ]

New Signing: Sean FinnThe Royalty Network has a new publishing client, SEAN FINN.  Sean has had four #1 hits in Germany, and numerous Top 10 European singles. His double album 'We Are One', released by Sony Music in Germany, reached #4 on the charts.  His numerous collaborators include Chris Willis, The Tremain ... [ more ]

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We'd like to extend a warm welcome to our new client Nonstop DaHitman! Welcome to the RoyNet family #BornRoyalty https://www.facebook.com/nonstopfans

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