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Carl Douglas "Kung Fu Fighting"
Carl Douglas
Album: KFF Master
Genre: Disco
Moods: Funky, Happy, Party, Sparkling

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The Strange Familiar Releases Breathtaking New AlbumPop band The Strange Familiar, as heard in Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, & The Secret Life of the American Teenager has released a new album entitled "The Day The Light Went Out" under our label Krian Music Group. This album features heavier, even more epic production, while still ... [ more ]

The Royalty Network has a new administration client, RISE ARTISTS PUBLISHING (BMI) https://twitter.com/bennypagemusic. Rise will be publishing the DJ/Producer, Benny Page. Their first project includes the release of "Hot Body Gyal" by Benny Page feat Richie Loop. The release of the single is set ... [ more ]

In celebration of our 20th anniversary, we would like to share with you 20 tips from our most successful clients.   1. Sign with a reputable publisher that can properly exploit, collect, and protect your works.   2. Carefully review your contracts.   3. Don't sign away your rights.   4. ... [ more ]

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Fans of The Strange Familiar: we thought you'd enjoy this Fresh Independence interview that just went live yesterday! The band talks about music, love, and food (what could be better?) http://ow.ly/w4SMt

The Strange Familiar- Ohio/ California | Fresh Independence
There ‘s something very honest and heartbreaking about this album. There are themes of loss and pain, grieving, and finally surrendering and perseverance throughout this collection of songs. “The Day the Light Went Out” is the culmination of all those themes. It is about the darkest day, the greates…

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