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Kanye West "I Am a God"
Album: Yeezus
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The Strange Familiar Releases Breathtaking New AlbumPop band The Strange Familiar, as heard in Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, & The Secret Life of the American Teenager has released a new album entitled "The Day The Light Went Out" under our label Krian Music Group. This album features heavier, even more epic production, while still ... [ more ]

The Royalty Network has a new administration client, RISE ARTISTS PUBLISHING (BMI) https://twitter.com/bennypagemusic. Rise will be publishing the DJ/Producer, Benny Page. Their first project includes the release of "Hot Body Gyal" by Benny Page feat Richie Loop. The release of the single is set ... [ more ]

In celebration of our 20th anniversary, we would like to share with you 20 tips from our most successful clients.   1. Sign with a reputable publisher that can properly exploit, collect, and protect your works.   2. Carefully review your contracts.   3. Don't sign away your rights.   4. ... [ more ]

Current Status

We're proud to announce a new administration client: Snowmine. This band's recent album "Dialects" hit #9 on Billboard's heat-seekers chart back in February, due to an astounding number of independent sales! That's pretty amazing, if you ask us. For more on the band go to http://www.snowmine.com/

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