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Chris Landry "Vitamin ME (Clean)"
Album: Something To Prove
Genres: R&B, Rap
Moods: Chill, Romantic, Party, Relaxed

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Welcome To The Royalty Network

The Royalty Network would like to announce we have new admin clients, THE NEW VELVET. The New Velvet have been touring around the US with artists such as Natasha Bedingfield, Plain White T's, Brand New, Talib Kweli, J. Cole, Say Anything and many more. They have also played festivals such as The ... [ more ]

We would like to announce that we have a new co-publishing client, SAMANTHA BUTTERY, pka 'SAMANTHA SANDLE'. Samantha is an amazing new pop/soul artist out of the UK.  She's being courted by several management companies and is working on material for an album. The Royalty Network is happy to ... [ more ]

The Royalty Network would like to announce our new co-publishing client: metal band, CANNIBAL CORPSE. Cannibal Corpse's new album comes out September 16th on Metal Blade Records. Their last album opened in the Top 40 on the Billboard 200 / Top 3 on the Rock charts. The band has released twelve ... [ more ]

Current Status

Surprise! Blacklist Royals song #ConvictsandChoirs is now available for free download on SoundCloud! Check it out this premiere by New Noise Magazine: http://ow.ly/GdjRA

Exclusive: Celebrate Christmas with Blacklist Royals’ Free Download of New Holiday Track...
We should all have the Christmas spirit at this point, so here's a holiday song from Blacklist Royals & Samantha Harlow to add to your playlist wh...

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