Magna Carda


Album Cirqlation
Year 2016
BPM 110
Notes lawson@roynet.com / Publishing: 75%
Vocals Female

Let me put on my nice jeans
This the event of the year, my nigga yeah
I gotta look good to make your arm piece sight see
Eyes on I like face nigga, I be a lyrically inclined fee
Flow sick, get them all an IV
The stella’s priceless, but the materials pricey
I.E. shoes, shirt, watch, hat, pants
I ain’t talking chicken nigga listen
I got mad windows and hella pots to piss in
Megz seeing colors like crayola
Gold stars
Green money
Blue sneakers - hold up
The watch white
Tats red like your canned coke bruh
I represent that black and the gold cause I’m NOLA
Ya heard that?
Bite that shit like a cobra
Carda beat so you know it’s icy
Actually colder,
fuck it
It’s frozen
Put it in the cooler, I’m cooling
Where I’m from
They hit you with that oozy till you oozing
And since nobody snitching I guess they find it amusing
Talk and you get parked, no amusement,
The only outlet is the music
So play it
And you already know what’s up so I ain’t gotta say it
And I am such a realist I don’t know nothing bout faking
I’ll blast ya and have ya disoriented like you not Asian
You ain’t trying to face I
So face it, I’m very far away from basic
And a lame bitch will hate it
And the only ones that’s hating
Are the ones that ain’t shit
The shit you talking ancient
I’m broke toys boy I ain’t nothing to play with
Moms said it’s gonna take patience
Seems like forever I’ve been waiting
So let me check my time
On this watch I got from Ross for about 19.99
I’m 1992
Wearing my 1995’s
I don’t see competition like I need eyes
They say you too small to be so vicious
I be like bitch you think I don’t know I need size
I guess that’s why
They don’t say nothing to me no more

They get they feelings hurt
When they finally feel it
And I don’t even give a fuck
Swear I just be chilling
You know I don’t give em no special kind of attention
They know what time it is,
When I come in kill it

You know what time it is
When you hear this (2x)

You know what time it is

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