Magna Carda


Title Joccin'
Album Somewhere Between
Year 2017
BPM 95
Notes / Publishing: 100%
Vocals Female

Been about it still about it, and still stay ahead of my next move
Still I be quick with the shits keep a stash with 'bout half in the guest room
They know my squad, we be reckless and just for the record
I'm taking no lesser measure
Only a check can impress her
Matter fact, have me my check here by breakfast
And don't ask me no questions
Joccin like I fucking gave them the leverage, that's never
They asking how many done copied and tried to embody it
I think it's several
I'm thinking they hate when I'm leveled
But wait 'til I power up
Wait for the lesson
You know I'm calling your bluff.

I ain't stuck
I don't want for nothing
I get what I want
You think you tough ?
You be 'bout it huh?
Show you be clutch
It be clutch time, down 5
We don't give no fucks
Don't ask for much
But respect for mine
and you to play your part
I need five percent, every time somebody joc my shit
I need a tax on it
Every time somebody counterfeit
See every time somebody try to try me I want some repentance
I ain't God but
Let me make it known I see you niggas

It's a long line when you at the bottom of the list huh?
If I let the next nigga try it, he gon' joc my flow
I see you was standing over there and you was wishing you was here huh?
But if I let the next nigga try it, he gon' joc my flow

If I let the next nigga try it, he gon' joc my flow (4x)

Power to the illest people
We were the first now they try with the sequel
Why try when ain't never a need to
We got it covered in every area
Never a threat to us but yeah I see you
How you gon' joc and get caught with the needle
You want the message, I give you it like
Straight from the book right up out the cathedral
Father God, give me strength cause I need it
All of 'em joccin' and none of 'em sonin' me
I be the One and ain't none of 'em Jesus
How you be trying me, still no achievements
I pick you to pieces
Support for my thesis
That while you was sleeping
Me and my team we were grinding, now when you see us we shinin'
Shive and impressive
And lil mama, she see it
The vision is here and we all in agreement,
This ain't your game and was never your season
And if you seeing me switch up my game,
Trust me you never the reason
Too many joccers don' tried and succeeded
But keep in mind that I made up the meaning
So, that's why I don't let 'em try it
Let the next one try it, they joc my flow

If I let the next nigga try it, he gon' joc my flow (8x)

all these hoes stay joccin
they playa hating

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