New Signings - May 2014

The Royalty Network would like to announce our new administration client, Jorge Jdrumz Mosquera/ Mosquera Publishing Group LLC (BMI). Jorge is a writer and producer based in Miami. He collaborated in Elvis Crespo's hit single "Pegaito Suavecito" (which peaked at  #1 on the Latin charts) and  produced Elvis Crespo's recent single for the Fifa World Cup entitled "Ole Brazil". Jorge is also developing some new groups and had prior indie releases. The Royalty Network is excited to welcome Jorge Mosquera to our company.

The Royalty Network has a new single song co-publishing deal with Timothy James Walls, (existing client with 2 prior deals) for his 25% share of the song "AYO" (aka 'Yayo') by Snootie Wild feat Yo Gotti, which we have a previous 25% claim for Quinton McCraven. Collectively we now co-publish 50% of this song, which is continuing to rise on the charts: 1900 spins this week and over 20,000 to date. Currently the #16 single on the urban charts. We are very happy to welcome Timothy to the Royalty Network family.

The Royalty Network has a new administration client, Omar Womack / Rubberband Wrapped Music (BMI). Omar's a producer / drummer based in Atlanta. Omar recently had releases on albums by T.I., Young Dro, Rocko and more. We welcome Omar Womack to RoyNet.

We have a new co-publishing client, LIEF (Lief Liefmann), who will be recording a new EP for a Krian Music release later this year, to be followed with an album early next year. Lief has been a long time client, previously signed as A LOVE LIKE PI via our deal with Samemo Music Group. Lief was then signed to Roadrunner Records, and his contract was subsequently passed over to Atlantic Records. After recording a full album, Atlantic never released Lief's project. Lief's a great performer and he's passionate about creating a successful release. We're looking forward to having LIEF on our team.



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