The Districts release new single 'Ordinary Day'

The Districts release new single 'Ordinary Day'

A week ago The Districts released "Ordinary Day", the first single from their new highly anticipated album. They've been fairly quiet since the release of 2015's A Flourish and A Spoil and "Ordinary Day" is our first glimpse into the new Districts. Fans of The Districts might do a double take after listening, as lead vocalist Rob Grote sings in a different register than we're accustomed to hearing, and he's projecting more powerfully. The melodic guitars are still in place, but the band has added washes of keyboards to fully flesh out out the sound.

About the song, Grote says:

"Ordinary Day deals with a sort of personal alienation and the realization that you and the world you've existed in have changed. Sort of the feeling of coming through a tunnel and having no way of relating to things in the same way as before. It was written in late summer/early fall and came together quite naturally. ... Personal lives were in flux and we were sitting around Philly losing our minds."

Listen to Ordinary Day here


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