Topic #1: Communication

Communicating, often and consistently, with your publisher will mean money in your pocket, well beyond the initial advance check.

How? By following these few steps, you will find that your revenue stream will most likely increase.


  1. 1. Keep us informed of your current needs & priorities.
  2. 2. Keep us informed of ALL the works you are currently working on & with whom.


  1. 3. Let us know what projects you are currently writing for.
  2. 4. Let us know when & where your works are supposed to be coming out.
  3. 5. Keep us in the loop if you change lawyers, managers, publicists, banking information/ mailing address.

The open lines of communication are what can keep, the ever so vital, creative ideas flowing between you the writer and us the publisher.  Perhaps you're working with someone we know, and we have some insight that would best direct your efforts in a more meaningful way.  Perhaps the project you're writing for is something we already know has been shelved, or won't see the light of day.  This type of important information will assist your efforts to be more focused on those projects that are more meaningful and/or lucrative.  If you're busy, that’s great, but are you letting us know what you wrote, who you wrote it with, and where it's supposed to be coming out?  If not, how can we register your interest in the song, communicate with the co-publishers, record label, film company, etc. Please don't rely on others to maintain a relationship that is key to building your career and broadening your horizons.  The relationship between songwriter and publisher needs to have the personal touch and steady stream of communication to reach its potential.

Your job is to write and build a career.  Our job is to protect, collect, and further expand on your efforts and for you to have an endless stream of checks and increased royalties. Let’s work together!

-The Roynet Team


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